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In the world of smartphone cases, you usually have two extremes to pick from — a case that is thin and nice, but barely protects the phone, or a case that can definitely take a rough landing, but adds a lot of bulk to the device.

Well, why not have both? Check this out:

Benks has developed what it calls a Magnetic Hybrid Case for the iPhone 13 series, made with DuPont Kevlar fiber — marrying the lightweight but extremely durable aramid fiber material with a TPU frame.

You won’t find many cases out there that use this combination. DuPont has been specializing in in synthetic fibers and material engineering for years now. And, of course, Kevlar is the popular aramid fiber material, which is well-known for being super light, yet incredibly resistant to damage.

Combining a soft frame with a Kevlar shell is an extremely tough process to perfect, as trying to mesh together TPU and aramid fiber usually results in a lot of defects. However, Benks has found a way to reliably combine the materials and consistently build extremely sturdy cases out of them.

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The tough Kevlar shell on the back protects the iPhone’s glass rear, while the soft DuPont frame guards the corners from bumps. Bonus points — it’s easier to apply and remove the Benks Magnetic Hybrid case on the new iPhones. Aramid fiber cases are quite hard and thin, thus once you slap one on the flat, square-shaped iPhone, they are hard to remove. Thanks to the soft TPU frame, the Benks Magnetic Hybrid can be applied or removed with ease, saving us a lot of frustration.

But that doesn’t mean that it lacks in terms of protection! The Magnetic Hybrid Case has been drop tested and attained a military grade MIL-STD-810H certification. The soft frame also makes the device much grippier, so drops are much less likely to occur in the first place.

And hey, you don’t even need to remove it. The thinness of the aramid shell makes the Magnetic Hybrid Case fully compatible with MagSafe accessories for your iPhone and is certified to work with them, allowing for the strong magnets to hold as expected.

If you are enjoying the aesthetic, you will be happy to learn that Benks also has other Kevlar-covered accessories for the iPhone in the pipeline for 2022 — a wireless car charger, a battery pack, and skins for your AirPods and iPad!

Not on an iPhone? Not a problem — Benks also has an aramid fiber case for the Galaxy Z Flip 3, Z Fold 3, and an upcoming one for Xiaomi 11. More models coming soon!

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