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If you are using the Google Photos app, then you know that Google Drive and Google Photos have a long-lasting relationship. But, it looks like Google is trying to break it. When you upload your photos from the Photos app, you could see them right inside Google Drive. But now, some evidence popped up saying that the relationship between these two apps is failing. Starting from this July, you can no longer access the photos uploaded from Google Drive.

In a teardown by 9To5Google, some strings have been surfaced. Check below.

<string name=”photos_update_description_text_sync_enabled_july”>Starting in July, your Google Photos library will no longer sync to Google Drive. All your files are safe in Google Photos.</string>
<string name=”photos_update_description_text_sync_disabled”>Your Google Photos folder is no longer syncing with Google Photos. Your photos are all safe in Google Photos.</string>

From the first string may show up before the second warning, the users that their photos are no longer syncing with Google Drive. The second string may show after the relationship is entirely down.

Personally, I don’t like this relationship going away because accessing the photos using Google Drive was easier any is more luxurious with more options. For now, no news has surfaced for the association of web versions. But my guess is, soon they will go too. 


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