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Nowadays, Google Assistant smart displays are a thing in most homes. Especially smart homes. Assistant powered smart features do have all the features that you get on Google Home smart speakers. It looks like there’s a new button on Google Assistant smart displays, which is a shortcut to Routines. So, do you have a smart display? Check if you have the new button. Probably the button is waiting for you to press it.

You’ll find the button in the top drop-down panel next to lights so on. The icon of the button will look like a sun/moon with purple color. When you tap the Routine button, the smart display will bring up a list of all the routines on your account. If you select a routine, Google Assistant will execute it on your Home devices or the smart display itself as like you would say it louder.

This new button is now available all the smart displays with Google Assistant, which also includes the Google Nest Hub. The update with the build number 1.39154941 is installing silently on the devices, so you cannot manually install it if you didn’t get the button. Give us your thoughts about the button if you have it.


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