OneOdio Monitor 60: pro headphones at affordable price

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OneOdio Monitor 60: pro headphones at affordable price

Advertorial by OneOdio: the opinions expressed in this story may not reflect the positions of PhoneArena! For a professional or even a hobbyist who spends any time doing music work — you can never have too many pairs of headphones. For one, you need flexibility and the ability to check your work against multiple devices. Secondly, if you are working with artists, you always need to have a spare pair of headphones at the ready.Well, check out the OneOdio Monitor 60 — over-ear headphones with huge, 50 mm dynamic drivers for a detailed sound that proudly flaunt a Hi-Res Audio certification, all for $79.99 during this holiday season.

The Monitor 60 have a very distinct look — they may be easily affordable, but they look like they mean business. With huge earpads, chrome accents, and a logo discretely positioned under an outside grille, their design speaks of high tech influences and audiophile target demographic.

They may be meant for studio enthusiasts, but can just as easily be picked up by audiophiles — the Monitor 60 headphones feature both a consumer-grade 3.5 mm jack and a pro-grade 6.5 mm jack. In the package, you get three different cables for use in any scenario — there’s a twirled cord to keep things tidy in the studio and also a cable with a hardware control button to use with your smartphone.

Their sound is meant for those that value transparency and clarity above all. The Monitor 60s aim for a flat response curve — there isn’t an artificially cranked bass, there’s no muddiness added to the mix. This is what creators value, as it helps them detect problem points in a mix much more effectively. But it’s also a great feature for those that want to enjoy music the way it was cooked up in the studio. And it’s certainly rare to see on any headset in the sub-$100 price range.

Even though they don’t have the artificial bass thump, the Monitor 60 do not sound “thin” or “ice-pickey” — they are quite clear, yes, but not unpleasant or fatiguing, which is great for prolonged mixing sessions.
The OneOdio Monitor 60 have been designed for prolonged sessions in mind — their oversized earmuffs are designed to be soft and comfy while isolating the outside world. They are assisted by the incredibly thin frame to create a pair of over-ears that you can ear for hours at a time.

The free swivel design allows you to spin the earcups however you prefer, allowing for the one-headphone monitoring move that DJs often go for. The frame also folds, so the Monitor 60 don’t take as much room when being transported.

Thanks to their extreme comfort, transparent sound, and affordable price — they are worth to keep around just in case, either as your go-to monitoring headphones, a second set to check tracks against, or an extra pair of headphones for when you have guests in the studio.

Head on to OneOdio’s store below to score a sweet deal or grab a gift for that audiophile / aspiring recording engineer you know!

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That’s not all — since the Monitor series are so highly coveted by OneOdio’s fans, the company is preparing a new model for audio enthusiasts — an open back OneOdio Monitor 80. The new design should open up the possibilities for a much wider sound stage for those that enjoy truly open-sounding mixes. The new design is even sleeker, and the earpads have been upgraded to soft velvet material.

The Monitor 80 are not available just yet, but you can pre-order them now, with shipping slated to begin soon.

Pre-order Monitor 80 from OneOdio store

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