Sony teases new Xperia product announcement on 26 October

Out of nowhere, Sony has announced that there will be a new Xperia product announcement livestream scheduled for 26 October. The event can be watched on Sony Xperia’s YouTube channel and will take place at 12pm JST on 26 October (4am in UK, 5am in mainland Europe) equivalent to 11pm EST in US on 25 Oct.

There’s no hint on what Sony could be teasing here. Sony has released all of its expected smartphones that it normally launches in the year, the Xperia 1 III, 5III and 10 III. Given the slow route to retail for some of these handsets due to supply/chip shortages , it would be a surprise to see a new flagship being announced.

Equally, we’re not sure why Sony would pre-announce a new event a couple of weeks ahead of time, if it were just a budget/mid-ranger phone. So this points to something meaningful. Whether it is a phone at all is also up for debate. We’re intrigued to see what Sony has in store. What are your best guesses?

Thanks Adi, tlgadsilv137 and wimpiedb!

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