Topaz announced DeNoise AI v3.5 – Improved RAW color processing and performance

Topaz released the new DeNoise AI v3.5 update. You save 15% using our checkout code “rumor“.

Change log:

  • New theme for the app
  • Added ability to use eraser end of tablet stylus to erase mask
  • Added current mask to the navigator while in masking mode
  • Changed error “0” message on login to be more explicit about what may cause it (firewall/AV)
  • Removed “Error: CANCEL” text when canceling an export
  • Added an info box to prevent users from accidentally running the app from the DMG instead of installing (Mac only)
  • Remove All button removed when in external editor mode
  • Masking and Remove Image buttons now hidden when exporting
  • Progress bar for exporting should now only show on currently exporting image
  • Re-worded Side-by-side View → Side-by-Side View
  • Re-worded Re-Install Photoshop Plugins → Install Photoshop Plugin
  • Changed in-app update flow to support old install path on Mac


  • Fixed Wacom tablet not pressing buttons and not releasing when panning
  • Fixed various images and icons being blurry (login, close buttons, app logo)
  • Fixed “Cancel” button missing from plugin and external editor mode
  • Fixed DJI FC220 and Hasselblad L2D-20C DNG output
  • Fixed view mode switching being enabled while masking
  • Fixed Photoshop plugin not processing correctly in auto update mode
  • Fixed text elision in the output path in save dialog
  • Fixed collapse toggle being enabled when exporting
  • Fixed Add and Remove All buttons being enabled when exporting
  • Fixed switching out of comparison view leaving the wrong model selected sometimes
  • Fixed canceling an export causing the image canceled to not save next time
  • Fixed padding in the watermark warning dialog
  • Fixed padding in the feedback dialog
  • Fixed a crash in the feedback dialog
  • Fixed Save Image/Apply being enabled when no images are selected
  • Fixed auto not being reset when typing in or using hotkeys to change slider values
  • Fixed completed icon being removed when no changes were made

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